Muve’s Tech Trends For 2023

December 23, 2022
February 27, 2023

2022 has been another year of rapid change in technology. New breakthroughs and refinements to existing tech are announced on an almost daily basis. 2023 will be no different. But what new pieces of tech are starting to emerge, and what should businesses look out for? Here are Muve’s tech trends for 2023.

More and More AI

In recent years, artificial intelligence has slowly but surely meshed itself into our industries, businesses, government and indeed our personal lives. For instance, sales of voice assistant devices such as Alexa and Google Home surged during the pandemic. And we’re all used to those ubiquitous chatbots when we interact with retail websites. Meanwhile, industrial processes have been revolutionised by AI. AI machine learning systems have sped up manufacturing, designed improved products and provided superb data analytics.

In 2023, more businesses will adopt AI into their customer service operations. Chatbots will begin to be able to answer more complex questions and respond with a human-like personal touch! Predictive AI analysis will be used increasingly in making business decisions.

On the high street, expect to see the rise of automated shopping. These are cashier-less stores where you select the items to purchase, bag them up and walk out. Your account is then charged automatically.

With AI marching into every part of our lives, expect the mood music in 2023 turn to questions of ethics. Just how far does society want AI to permeate into our existence? How can governments legislate to control and regulate artificial intelligence? When we interact with ever more intelligent chatbots rather than humans, who’s responsible when things go wrong? The company, or the software provider? Or one day, a sentient chatbot?

The Metaverse Improves

2022 has been a turbulent year for the metaverse! The term exploded into public consciousness in 2021 when Facebook kingpin Mark Zuckerberg outlined his vision for the metaverse. It took the form of multibillion-dollar investment, and a change of name – Meta. 2022 saw the concept run into major difficulties, with tech issues and a 75% drop in stock value leading to a layoff of 11,000 employees. While we might not be fully ready for a digital world where we work and play just yet (and the tech certainly isn’t!), the long-term future of the tech is very bright.

Despite these troubles, the global metaverse market is still expected to grow by $107 billion during the 2023-2027 period. Collectively, hundreds of billions is being invested in the tech by the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, Sony, Epic Games, Unity, Google and Nvidia. They are all developing their own metaverse concepts for gaming, socialising and project collaboration.

In 2023, expect to see industrial product test virtual simulations being increasingly hosted on metaverse platforms. Gaming will continue to grow as graphics improve. VR headset technology will also become cheaper, with companies like Pico, Sony and Apple entering the fray. And consumer brands will look to create ever more immersive customer experiences to improve sales and loyalty.

Cyber Security

In 2021, the World Economic Forum stated cybercrime was potentially a bigger risk to society than terrorism. As the various devices we use become more embedded in our daily lives (and we start using even more devices), the more opportunities there seem to be to hack into them. Every year tech companies devise ways to protect companies from attacks. And every year, hackers find a way to overcome them.

With many businesses still using “hybrid” office/home working models that took root during the pandemic, a major issue has been protecting remote and in-office workers from cyber attacks. Weaker home networks, working in public spaces and poor employee cyber security education has been behind many attacks. 2023 will see many organisations making long-term decisions on working practices. It seems likely that a large proportion will retain the new hybrid status quo. 2023 will see cyber security firms providing increased cloud cyber security protection, making it much safer to operate in the digital world.  Educating staff on safe practices while working will also become commonplace.

Green Tech

Tech Trends for 2023 Green Hydrogen image

In a world beset with challenges and conflicts, the climate crisis is the biggest single issue we face. Despite the major governments of the world seemingly preferring to kick the climate can down the road, companies and organisations are looking to create and implement green technology. Even the major petrochemical companies know the writing is on the wall for fossil fuels. They are already engaged in the process of pivoting to green alternatives. And the public know we can’t go on as we are. A recent study showed 75% of British adults are worried about climate change.

2023 will see major moves towards renewable energy – solar, wind and tidal projects. Given spiralling energy prices, domestic consumers will increasingly fit solar panels and will replace boilers with heat pumps. These promise to reduce bills while shrinking carbon footprints. We’ll also hear more about green hydrogen, a clean burning fuel that produces almost no greenhouse gases. And with the recent breakthroughs in nuclear fusion, expect more exciting developments for the future to hit the news.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading Muve’s tech trends for 2023! These 4 trends are merely the tip of the iceberg. But with so many developments coming down the pipeline, keeping up with these changes can give a business an opportunity to get an edge on their competitor set.

Whether you’re looking at AI software to improve efficiency, adopt green tech to cut your overheads or even improve your cyber security, it’s vital you stay ahead of the curve. Otherwise, your competitors could use them to outpace you.

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Keeping up with tech changes can give a business huge opportunities and a competitive edge. Which emerging tech trends will you take advantage of in 2023?
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Despite a difficult 2022, the global metaverse market is still expected to grow by $107 billion during the 2023-2027 period.
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