Benefits Of Using A Shared Workspace

June 20, 2022
June 22, 2023

Ever considered working in a shared workspace? This is an office space where other people/companies are sharing the room with you, doing their own work while you do yours. The idea’s been around for decades but it’s really come of age in the last few years. While the traditional fixed office still dominates, there is a rapidly growing demand for co-working spaces. Globally, it’s estimated that there will be 26,000 coworking spaces by 2025. Here’s the lowdown on why shared workspaces are becoming so popular. 


The cost of renting permanent office space has skyrocketed in recent years, and the costs don’t stop there. Build in fees for solicitors/surveyors, insurance, repairs, business rates, service charges and VAT, and running a fixed office can be an incredible burden on a business. One of the main things that makes shared workspaces so likeable is that they are almost always cheaper than renting out a private space. You can also cut down or eliminate all the other associated costs too! So, if you’re a business owner looking for a work-based environment however are on a budget, it’s perfect. You really do get the best of both worlds here!

Opportunities to Network

Networking in a shared office space

Working in a shared workspace can bring amazing opportunities to network with other start-up owners. When sharing your workspace with other businesses, you are bound to talk to others, whether that’s whilst you’re making a cup of tea or on lunch break. This invariably leads to talking about each other’s businesses. Not only will you learn from each other, but you may end up buying services or goods from each other! It can also create invaluable word of mouth buzz as co-workers may mention your business to others. For example, if someone is looking for marketing help with their business and you are a marketing agency working in a shared office space, co-workers in that office may recommend you.

Benefits of Hybrid Working

Co-working spaces are ideal for workers/”one-man” businesses who want a great place to work without feeling isolated at home all the time. 84% of co-workers working in a shared office space say it makes them more engaged and motivated. Having this space available gives you the best of both worlds of choosing when you want to work in an office environment or from home.


A shared workspace offers great flexibility. There is no pressure to be there everyday- you can just choose what days on what week suits you. It is predicted that 30% of office space will be flexible by 2030, which is great news if you’re a business who likes to have that flexibility of hybrid working.


Sharing a workspace near where you and your employees live can be much more convenient than using a private office space in a big city like London. Often, the more local the better, and easier to get to for you and your team than having to factor in travel and expenses when working up town. 

Increase Creativity

You can gain inspiration from other businesses by seeing how they operate. This can help you improve your own business. If you worked in a private office, you wouldn’t know about any of these things and may never have the opportunity to take creativity from others. Additionally, you may also learn things from talking with others in the office that you didn’t know before. The new knowledge you gain may even transform your business!

Final Thoughts

A shared workspace can bring amazing opportunities to your business and help it thrive. It can also make you a more agile operation. And, it can take a lot of pressure off the all-important bottom line. It is no wonder that using shared workspaces is increasingly becoming a no-brainer these days. At Muve, we pride ourselves on our commitment to hybrid working, and we take space regularly at The Hill Hub in Dartford in a shared workspace. It’s a great environment where our team can work together and share ideas. There are co-working and flexible office spaces all over the UK. Just hop online and choose one of the many great options out there.

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A shared workspace can bring amazing opportunities to your business and help it thrive. Here's the lowdown on the key benefits.
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84% of co-workers working in a shared office space say it makes them more engaged and motivated.
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