Your Guide To Christmas Marketing

June 9, 2022
September 12, 2023

For many companies, Christmas is not just about peace and goodwill to all. It’s a crucial financial time to really make an impact. For some it can be the difference between sinking or swimming as a business. Take advantage of the following tips to make sure you are putting your feet up and enjoying a Baileys come December, with a cracking Christmas marketing plan already in action.

Prep a Press Release

Outlining what your company will offer this Christmas in a succinct and attractive press release will be a great asset in the following months.  Create the copy and gather some images so you can tell the world what to expect from you this Christmas.  Mad as it sounds, a festive photo shoot in the summer can save you lots of time later in the year. It can also provide beautiful eye-catching images to tempt editorial teams. Once you have the press release created it’s time to play Santa. Deliver the carefully made content to your list of key contacts and anyone else that could be featuring you in their December round ups.

Christmas Marketing: Think Digital

Posting festive content now is like planting seeds which you will harvest later on.  Pinterest and Google are two key platforms which are perfect for this approach.  Both platforms can take a while to rank your article or post. Writing a Christmas article now means that come shopping time, yours has a much better chance to rank more highly.  When people are popping those terms in the search bar it will be your site that springs to the top of the list.  It also gives you a few months to build up those backlinks and make your article a highly shareable piece.

Pinterest users search for seasonal items up to 6 months ahead of the actual event.  So it’s worth pinning your Christmas content in June and July to attract those early planners. It will then be well established for those last minute searchers later in the year.  Perhaps it’s inspiration for Christmas parties, recipes or interiors – pin now and enjoy later.

Involve Your Customers Now

From a ‘Knit Along’ beginning in July to an ‘Organised Mum’ plan starting in September, it’s never too early to involve customers in your Christmas plans.  Find a way to engage your audience and provide some value mid-year and you will be top of the list come December. 

If you are just beginning to work on your Christmas marketing, then perhaps use the summer to begin teaser content for festive plans for later in the year. Harness the Christmas excitement early and ask people to sign up now to join in on the fun later.  A group activity creates gorgeous user generated content for your brand, and a feeling of community within your audience.

It’s generally easier to sell to someone who is already a customer, so a mailshot (real or virtual) is a great way to remind people who have already bought from you.  Gift buying starts early, and with economic pressures people may want to spread the cost, so don’t be afraid to get in touch regularly.

Crack Christmas in July

Have you ever nibbled a mince pie in the summer sun?  If you have, then perhaps you have already attended a ‘Christmas in July’ PR or marketing event. These are a chance for brands to showcase their brightest and best festive items. Perfect timing for editorial teams as they begin to plan out some cracking festive features for later in the year.

Christmas in July is a golden opportunity to get your name to the top of those illusive Christmas gift guides. But how can you make the most of it?  Make a list of key publishers you’d like to be featured in. Next drop them a line with your press release or go one better and host your own event.

Host an Event

Bring your Christmas marketing campaign to life, grab some mince pies and get ready to be the host (or hostess) with the most.  This means you can get face to face with key influencers, and really show them your products or talk them through your services. 

You could create a magical in person festive event with food and drink tasting, or a film viewing.  You could hold an online event, a masterclass or product preview with goodie bags sent out ahead of time to open during the call.  Everyone likes a sneak peek and this will certainly have you top of the ‘good list’ this year.

Learn From Last Christmas

Like Scrooge, you can visit the ghost of Christmas past and learn the lessons of time.  Check back to last year, how did you plan your Christmas marketing?  Who were the winners and losers across your industry? Replicate and refine what worked for you and then build on it to make 2022 your best Christmas yet. You can always have a peek at our take on the Christmas TV ads of 2021 for some further inspiration.

Did you get involved in Black Friday or Amazon Friday?  Or perhaps you backed the underdog, and promoted ‘shopping small’ for Christmas?  Whatever your approach it’s easier to make when time is not a pressure.

Recruit Santa’s Little Helpers

If you want a stop motion ad, a PR campaign or special festive packaging for your products, now is the time to book in. Contact companies who you might want to work with, get quotes and get your slot reserved. It’s an uncertain market and it can really pay off to think ahead and out do the competition.  Why not let Muve do the hard work for you and take advantage of our free 30 minute consultation call to get started?

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Planning ahead with a successful Christmas marketing strategy is the perfect way to make sure your brand is top of everyone’s wish list this year.
Tori Lancaster
Outlining what your company will offer this Christmas in a succinct and attractive press release will be a great asset in the following months.