Top 5 Reasons to Shop Small

January 12, 2022
March 9, 2023

Shopping small is the perfect way to support indie business, as well as getting yourself (or someone else!) something really special.  But what other benefits can you expect when you shop small?  Here are the best reasons to shop small and support local businesses.

1) Warm and Fuzzy Feelings

Your purchase will make a massive difference to the person running the business, you can get a huge dose of the feelgood factor from knowing your cash has helped someone live their dream and not just dropped anonymously into a faceless corporate bank account.  Some small business owners will even pop a handwritten note in with your product, showing just how much your purchase means to them, what more could you want?

2) Better Gifts

A better selection of personalised handmade gifts are available to you when you shop small.  Have a browse of Etsy or NOTHS and get something that will make your mother/brother/best friend/dog’s face light up as you have found the perfect gift uniquely made for them.  This will mean so much more than your bog standard box of smellies from the high street.

3) Ethical and Sustainable Buying

If you shop local it’s better for the environment – cut down on those transport miles and bag a bargain from your local shop owners, bakers, crafters and artists.  It’s often a more ethical and sustainable way to shop.  It’s also an easy way to support female entrepreneurs and close the gender pay gap.  All doable with a quick purchase, this is one of the biggest reasons to shop small this year.

4) Community Booster 

Shopping small boosts the local community and economy, as the money is more likely to continue to benefit other local businesses.  It’s generally thought that small businesses tend to pay more tax unlike some of the larger tax dodging corporations you might see in the news.  Keep your pennies and pounds circulating locally to benefit your very own neck of the woods.  In fact, studies show that more than a third of all spending in local shops stays within the community.

5) The Human Touch

You can have a chat more easily with the maker when you shop small, putting a face to that brand name.  You can ask them to help you select the perfect gift, tap into their expertise and find out about how it’s made.  If you’re lucky you can even see their beaming smile when you grab your perfect pressie.  A little human interaction makes the world a better place, and can help you get a better gift in the process.  Customer service can also be much better when shopping small, you can actually build a relationship with a person, and if you really want to bag some brownie points leave a glowing review to help others shop small too!

Unexpected Ways to Shop Small

It’s not just mugs and jewellery that you can get when you’re shopping small, there’s a gaggle of indie businesses that provide unique services out there.  For example, Loveday Social makes unique bespoke stop motion films, predominantly for small businesses like themselves.  London based Perky Blenders (got to love the pun!) offers delicious coffee subscriptions and Cub and Pudding make great quality unisex clothes for kids and some beautiful bits for grown ups too. Have a scout about in your local area for some more off the wall reasons to shop small.

Ways to Help

If you’d like to boost small biz but don’t have the budget there are three easy ways to lend a hand.  Firstly, harness the power of social media and share, like or save their posts.  Secondly, if you know a great small business make sure to spread the word and tell people, not just online but face to face – word of mouth is still very important.  And last but not least have a look around your home and leave a review online for any products you’ve bought when you’ve shopped small, the owner will be eternally grateful.

Round Up

Those are our top five fabulous reasons to shop small.  So have a peek at your diary and why not use your next gift giving opportunity to shop small, your community, your purse and your gift recipient will thank you for it.

Do you have any other reasons to shop small? We’d love to hear what you think and if you have any suggestions to add to these ideas. Email us at

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Shopping small can not only boost your happiness but also support the local economy. Find out the best reasons to shop small this year.
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If you shop local it's better for the environment - cut down on those transport miles and bag a bargain from your local shop owners, bakers, crafters and artists.
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