14 Home Organisation Hacks

August 16, 2022
March 9, 2023

Modern life can be a challenge. We’ve all got many plates to spin, and life has a habit of throwing curveballs when you least expect it. With never ending stuff to contend with, keeping your home organised can become quite stressful. But it’s vital that you keep on top of it – because it’s been proved that clutter can play havoc with your mental health. Decreased motivation, anxiety and poor sleep have all been linked to excess clutter in the home. Fortunately, there are many small adjustments you can make to your daily routine to help you feel a little more in control of your home. In this article you will find 14 home organisation hacks to get your house in order and help you inject some zen-like cool into your life! 

Have A Place for Everything and Keep Everything in Its Place

When things in the home aren’t kept where they should be it can be very easy to lose control of them, ending up in a chaotic mess. If you are strict on yourself to putting things back in their place once you are done with them, it will make clear ups at the end of the day a lot smoother. 

Later Is Not a Time!

Saying you will do something later doesn’t mean it is going to get done. Set a time. Rather than saying “I will put that washing on later” say “I will put the washing on at 6pm” and stick to it. Doing this with tasks in and around the house will soon see a difference to the mile long to do list you probably have.

Set Priorities Each Day

Not only should you set a time to do things, but you should set priorities for each day. You have a list of things to do today – review the list and decide which ones out of your list need to be done most urgently. Set a time for them and work your way through them. 

Consider Your Lifestyle

Everyone leads a different lifestyle. Evaluate what your lifestyle involves and how possible it makes running your home smoothly possible. If you find your home is unorganised and you struggle to keep on top of things, outsourcing might be an option.  A cleaner, even just a couple of hours a week, can be a great help. 

One In, One Out

A simple but very effective home organisation hack to keep clutter to a minimum. It works for almost anything, but a lot of people do it with clothes. When you buy a new item of clothing, make yourself toss out or donate an old item of clothing. This helps make sure that your things don’t get out of control and the overall amount stays the same. Charities will also benefit! 

Sort Like with Like

There is no point keeping similar items in various places around your home. If you sort like for like and keep things together you will soon find that things become easier to find and manage. 

Finish One Task Before Starting Another

Ok – chores are boring, and it can be difficult to motivate yourself to choose which tedious task to do first. But once you do, stick to it! And always finish one task before moving on to the next one no matter how many things you must do that day. If you dither and end up starting too many you will end up not finishing any of them, meaning you’ve just wasted a load of time for no gain. And box clever – for example if you have just put a wash load on, go and complete another task while the clothes are being cleaned. 

Plan Your Meals

Keeping a meal planner and sticking to it will help keep your kitchen and your life organised. Shop weekly rather than daily and plan your grocery run accordingly. Planning ahead will save time as you simply cook what you need when you need it. And you also save money by not buying things you end up chucking out a week later. A smart and simple home organisation hack.


Having a lot of different boxes and bottles in your cupboards is going to look messy no matter how hard you try and make it look neat. Investing in some reusable containers that you can empty certain foods into like cereals, rice, pasta etc will transform your kitchen in no time. Occasionally, you can also buy refills for things instead of buy the original packaging again which helps the environment! And labelling these containers (including with “Best Before” dates) will help avoid waste and ensure you chuck things out at the appropriate time. 

Not Used in 6 months? Toss it Out!

How many things have you got in your cupboards and drawers that haven’t seen the light of day in what seems like forever? Use the 6-month rule. If you haven’t made use of it in 6 months, then it’s time to toss it out. This will give you more room for the things that you use often. 

Key Holder

Did you know the average Brit spends 140 days of their lives looking for lost items? And can you guess the item we misplace the most? That’s right, keys! Do your bit to get this number (and your stress levels) down by investing in a key holder and make it a habit to ensure your keys hang safely up every time you come into the house.

Store Bedding in A Pillowcase

How many times have you changed your bedding only to find the new ones come in a multitude of colours and styles? Avoid this frustrating and time-consuming issue by simply folding your bedding and placing it inside of one of the pillowcases. When you come to take out some fresh bedding, everything is already together, and you don’t have to search around to find a matching set. It also means that it will store more neatly as well! 

Tray Or Basket for Mail

Using a tray or basket for your mail to go into when it comes through the door is a great home organisation hack. It is especially beneficial if you have a larger family all receiving mail. It’s much harder for mail to then be lost, making sure you don’t mislay any important bills or notices. But, for it to work – once you’ve opened the envelope, either file it away or bin it. Do not leave unopened mail in the tray. 

Make Your Bed Every Day

This sounds so simple but making your bed when you get up will have you instantly feeling ready for the day ahead of you. Having a made bed also encourages you to tidy and organise the rest of the room. Once you are in the habit of making your bed every day it will just become something you do without even realising it. 

Final Thoughts

These are just 14 home organisation hacks to consider – there are many more. Having an organised and tidy home is one of the things that will help improve your lifestyle massively. Making simple but small changes like this will help declutter your house – and your mind! I hope some of these work for you!

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Having an organised and tidy home is one of the things that will help improve your lifestyle massively. Here are 14 hacks.
Lauren Crowhurst
Did you know the average Brit spends 140 days of their lives looking for lost items?
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