How To Sell Anything To Anyone On Social Media

October 6, 2022
March 9, 2023

If you’ve been doing social media marketing for your business for a while, you’ll know that making your followers buy from you can sometimes be a challenge! However, that could be because you violated some core social media marketing rules and you’re promoting instead of delivering value. You also might not have the right sales process in place. In this article, you’re going to discover how to sell anything to anyone on social media and how to create a sales process that is going to persuade even people with little to no interest to buy. So, are you ready to begin? If so, let’s dive in to how to sell on social media.

Stop Selling In The First Place

What most entrepreneurs are trying to do when they join any kind of social media platform like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. is to spam it with 50% off deals and special offers. That is a big mistake. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote though. That means you should do it carefully. There’s a formula for balancing the promotion and valuable content called the 80/20 content rule.

The 80/20 content rule stands for:

80% of content = pure value

20% of content = promotion

For example, if you’re on Instagram and you share 10 posts a week, 8 of those posts should be valuable and 2 of those posts can be promotional. However, keep in mind that the promotional content ISN’T meant to generate a sale. To help you clearly understand this, you don’t ask people to buy. Ask them to click a link and enter your sales funnel, call you, email you, etc.

The sale is going to be made in the sales process. It is nearly impossible to persuade somebody to buy through a single post. And you can even ask people to enter the sales process in the valuable content. It just has to be done in a way that doesn’t interrupt the main message that you are trying to get over. 

If you share a video, you can give people a call to action to enter the sales process but you want to do it at the end of the video so that people receive the value first and the call to action doesn’t interrupt the flow of the message. This type of promotion in content that shares value can’t do any harm but it for sure can make a lot more people enter the sales process and buy your products and services.

The only question is, what should the sales process look like when trying to sell on social media?

How To Build A Social Media Sales Funnel

A social media sales funnel is a series of strategically created web pages that your followers are going to go through that will create interest in them and make them want to buy the product or service before they even get to the sales page where the buying decision is made. Every page in the sales funnel is built for a different purpose but in the end, they strategically contribute to the same goal: THE SALE (and upsells).

Now, let’s take a look at how you can build your own social media sales funnel.

The first step is to…

Determine The Traffic Temperature

There are 3 types of traffic (i.e. people who visit the sales funnel after they click the link in your social media post or wherever you shared it):

The structure of the sales funnel is heavily going to depend on the temperature of traffic you’re going to drive into it. Let me explain what they mean…

Cold traffic is people who have never heard of your brand before and who don’t even know that there is a problem that is keeping them from getting the result. Then there is warm traffic which is people who are problem-aware but are actively looking for a solution. They usually know your brand.

And last, there is hot traffic. Those are the people who are aware you’re selling the solution that they need and have a desire to get it.

A Pre-Frame Bridge

The goal with the pre-frame bridge is to make them problem and solution aware. It can be something like an article page, webinar (especially powerful when selling expensive products or services), or video. Once they know the problem they have and how are they going to solve it, it’s time to…

Qualify Subscribers

If they are willing to give you their email address, they are likely going to take even more serious action with you as well (i.e. purchase) and you’ll be able to follow up using email. But there are dozens of other ways you can do that. To maximize conversions use a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a freebie that you are going to give them in exchange for the contact information. Remember that the lead magnet should be of no cost to you, but extremely valuable to them. And now it’s time to move on to the most interesting part of this digital marketing strategy in order to sell on social media which is to…

Qualify Buyers

This is done through a sales page. On the sales page, you need to write words that are going to persuade people to take action. You need to have a SALES COPY in place. One of the best formulas even total beginners can use to write a great sales copy is called H-O-C-O-B-T-V-G-C-U.

This formula consists of 10 steps:

And last, there are upsell pages…

Upsell Pages

Instead of just selling them a product or service and ending the loop, you can upsell them. It doesn’t have to be complex. It can be just a headline, a short video, and a “YES! Add This To My Order” button. You can double or even triple the value of every customer by using these pages. 

And that’s how you create a sales process that is going to let you sell anything to anyone on social media.

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Want to learn how to sell anything to anyone on social media and create a killer sales process? You are in the right place!
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There’s a formula for balancing the promotion and valuable content: the 80/20 rule.
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