The Importance of UX in Marketing

September 7, 2022
March 9, 2023

Consumers today are smart, savvy, and short on time. They want their needs met quickly. People like to search the internet anywhere, whether at work, on the bus, or in a bank. These online functions all share one thing: the quality of an individual’s online experience is crucial. The ease with which consumers can access, review, and buy products or services is critical to that experience. UX is essential for businesses that want to generate and convert interest into revenues. UX is often overlooked when it comes time to develop and execute marketing strategies. Only 55% of brands currently conduct user experience testing. This is amazing, considering that 74% of users will return to websites if the UX is mobile-friendly. Read on as we take a deep dive into UX in marketing.

What Does User Experience Mean in Marketing?

UX is short for User Experience. It describes how the end user interacts with the brand’s products and services. Additionally, it’s how the end user experiences the product or service. Optimising the user experience means ensuring that users are satisfied with their product or brand experience.

User experience thrives on the following three aspects:

UX in the digital market is the user’s experience and feelings when interacting digitally with marketing. The following are examples of UX in marketing:

UX design improves many digital marketing appearances such as SEO, website information, and pleasing user purpose. It also promotes and supports the content strategy. This generates profits and customises brand experiences.

Why Is UX Important in Marketing?

There are many reasons to incorporate UX into your marketing strategy. Here are the benefits of UX to a business:

Effective UX Leads to Customer Satisfaction

According to McKinsey, improving customer journeys can increase customer satisfaction by 20%, lift revenue by up to 15% and lower the cost of servicing customers by as high as 20%. As it impacts every interaction between customers and your business. That’s why ensuring a seamless user experience is crucial, as it is critical to building customer relationships. A positive user experience is vital for customer satisfaction and repeat business. Customers will be more satisfied and willing to share their experiences. This is a great way to distinguish your product or service from your competitors.

Minimise Churn Rate

Most companies’ most significant challenge is the churn rate. It can be costly and time-consuming for a company to acquire new customers, but losing a customer is much more expensive. The KBCM Technology Group study for 2018 shows that customer churn rates are 21%. A great UX design can help reduce your product or service churn rate. Users should be able to sign up quickly, navigate the product easily, and find what they are looking for quickly. It should be easy and intuitive to use. Instructions should also be clear and concise. These are the best ways to keep customers happy and subscribed for longer durations.

Good UX in Marketing Boosts SEO Efforts

UX is important for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). A good UX can help your content rank higher in search results and reach potential customers. A positive user experience can encourage visitors to continue exploring your material, leading to a lower bounce rate. Google pays more attention to the user experience on your website than you might think. Google will understand your website’s value and fulfil the search intent if it has a lower bounce rate.

UX Helps To Build Conversions, Promising High ROI

You can increase your ROI significantly by investing in a solid, valuable UX strategy. UX is a return of $100 for every dollar invested. That’s an ROI of 9,900%. A $10,000 investment in design-centric businesses would produce returns 228% higher than that of the S&P over the same period. 86% of customers will pay more for better customer service. saw a 35% increase in profits after listening to fans and including their recommendations in redesigning their homepage.

Ensures Effective Landing Page Design

79% of customers have admitted to looking for another site if they are unsatisfied with the one they originally found. You need to make a unique landing page that stands out from the rest. It’s the first sight that can affect everything. Well-designed websites can experience a higher visitor-to-customer conversion ratio than sites that are poorly designed. Visitors will be more likely to convert if your website has a great user experience.

Make it easy for visitors to find the required information without difficulty. A perfect landing page will increase your website conversion rate.

UX Helps To Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Modern marketing has become increasingly difficult to use over the past few years. Today, digital marketing is a highly skilled area in which companies invest too much money and time. This creates uncertainty about its effectiveness over the long term. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the user experience. This includes researching what your audience thinks of you and how you can improve their overall strategy.

UX design can be valuable to any marketing strategy as it makes people move faster. UX designers understand these requirements and guide customers in their journey with ease. This makes it easy and saves time.

Improves User Engagement

Was it possible to get people to the site? Perfect

Was there a conversion? Excellent.

The goal now is to increase conversions and revenue. Participation here is key to this. You can also involve users outside the digital asset, such as by sending a social message to only users who have purchased the site or to only users who were previously converted.

Are You Implementing UX for Your Site Successfully?

It is important to offer a positive user experience to your customers, now more than ever, as there are many other competitors. UX is no longer an option! Your customer will replace you with a better brand if you fail to meet their needs. You must therefore invest your time, money, and resources to give UX all the attention it deserves.

Let’s conclude that if marketing and UX can be combined, customers will be satisfied with your website. They will also enjoy unified experiences both before and after they visit.

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Michael Brewer is a senior graphic designer at Fusion Media. He has spent the last 8 years building entertaining, immersive assets for some of the most recognizable companies in the U.S. Michael has three cats, loves camping, and enjoys long walks along Candlewood Lake.

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UX in marketing is no longer a "nice to have." A positive user experience is vital for customer satisfaction and repeat business. Here's why!
Michael Brewer
Improving customer journeys can increase customer satisfaction by 20% and lift revenue by up to 15%.