Why Every Business Needs a Website

February 11, 2022
March 9, 2023

In this digital era, the online presence of a business has can make it – or break it. And websites are a central plank of every company’s online presence. Great websites provide a number of invaluable benefits to businesses, from the largest corporation to the local plumber. Let’s take a look at why every business needs a website.

Improved Branding

Showing potential customers what your brand is all about is vital, there’s no denying it. This is where a website is of fundamental importance. It is your shop window. Done well, it can provide the perfect place for you to showcase your offering, promote your values, goals, and more. Get it right, you’ll engage your audience, keep hold of them and get them buying your products or services.

Additionally, a well-constructed and thought-out website can give a business a uniqueness when compared to other companies in the same sector. If you don’t have one, it can be hard for customers to differentiate your business from others. This can lead to many missed opportunities and the competition eating your lunch!

Generate More Leads

As long ago as 2017, 89% of customers were starting their buying process online via a search engine like Google or Bing. When customers research the products or services they are looking for, and seek the companies that provide them, the internet is where they go. If you don’t have a website, you’ll have no chance of appearing in these vital search engine results. With a great website with strong content, written purposely to push a company high up the search engine rankings via the power of SEO, you’ll direct potential customers to your site. It’s a fantastic way of generating new leads for a business.

Enhanced Customer Service

It’s standard for companies to have a phone number for prospects or already existing customers to contact them. Great if you’re available, but if you’re not, it can reflect badly on your business. It’s really easy to then call a competitor. That’s where a website comes into play. A website packed with easily accessible information can reduce the volume of calls received, helping to increase employee productivity with other tasks. It can be used by clients and customers to ask questions, book call time and to purchase goods and services. The best websites make businesses 24/7 operations, without you needing to be permanently on call!

Business Updates and Announcements

With a permanently viewable website, accessible to all, there is no better place for a business to record important updates and announcements. Whenever a business has important information to relay, it can be posted for everyone to see. It’s a smart way to keep your audience engaged and in the know – a new product or service in the pipeline, or some great news you want to share.

The Website As A Digital Marketing Tool

While traditional offline branding and marketing media still have an important role to play, digital marketing has really come to the forefront over the past few years. The pandemic, with so many working and buying remotely has turbo-charged the phenomenon. Businesses without a meaningful digital presence will find it increasingly difficult to engage with their audience. A website is one of the most fundamental digital marketing tools you can have. When a business launches its website, they’ve got the cornerstone of a new marketing channel to get their name out there and grow.


Furthermore, another amazing feature of owning a business website is higher credibility. Many competitors offer similar services/products to you. A site that provides great, quality information relating to the company and industry helps to show viewers your in-depth knowledge and credentials. Without a website, some companies are viewed as illegitimate, causing prospects to be wary and instead opt for a competitor. That’s why having a website can help make a positive first impression.

There’s also the option of including testimonials and reviews on the website from previous customers. Online reviews have become enormously influential – a recent study revealed they influence 67.7% of purchasing decisions. With a great website with positive reviews, you’ll build and maintain the trust you need to grow your business.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Even now, many businesses out there have decided against a website. They fear it’s an expensive affair, requiring a load of technical savvy, or they have enough sales as it is, thanks very much! But launching and operating a website doesn’t have to be too expensive, especially when you consider the reward that comes with it. Technology has come a long way in recent years, making the process of creating a website simpler. There are many free website building tools online, and you don’t need a degree in coding! Getting the best out of a website does need time and effort though, and great content needs to be added all the time. Many businesses outsource to web development companies to take the strain out of this and get their site in top condition, and keep it there.

Food For Thought?

Even if you think your tried and trusted marketing methods are generating the sales you need, will they continue to keep them there?

The benefits of a business having a website is clear. There are many small businesses out there still without one. If this applies to you – then don’t delay. Move quickly and you can get a vital competitive edge on your competitor set. Once they figure out the advantages of a website, they will have theirs up and running. And if you’re behind the curve, don’t panic. With the right website, full of great information and fresh and regular content, you can work your way up the search engine rankings. The longer you delay, the more you’ll be disadvantaged.

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Want to know why every business needs a website? Discover how it improves brands, lead generation, trust, and more.
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As long ago as 2017, 89% of customers were starting their buying process online via a search engine.
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