Why Direct Mail Works

February 8, 2022
February 8, 2022

Direct mail has been a go-to medium to reach the masses for many years. It is a tried and tested channel to the consumer. In these times, the digital world plays a huge part in our daily lives, and digital media marketing options have exploded. However, direct mail still has a unique engagement with the consumer. Think of your own digital experience. Yes, there’s a world of information out there, but also endless popups, spam emails and ads that aren’t always relevant!  Factor in the sea of social media to the mix and what can be lost is the longevity of the campaign message and a vital personal touch. Here’s why direct mail works.

It Makes the Customer Feel Valued

Many forms of marketing struggle to capture a sense of personalisation. They can come across as very generic and even artificial. Direct mail, targeting the individual, feels more personal and unique. With the right level of effort, people will see that time has been spent marketing to them. They are more inclined to respond as a result. Recent research revealed that 70% of consumers said mail made them feel more valued.

It’s Trusted

Establishing trust is a key part of every marketing campaign. With online fraud currently flourishing, gaining trust is possibly more important than ever. Direct mail offers a route to gain that trust, with 87% of consumers describing mail as believable.

It’s Engaging

The personal touch works! People take their time to go through their mail and open and read it. This habit has bedded in even deeper during lockdown. 96% of mail is now engaged with. Direct mail is compelling too, recent research shows a 9% average response rate for direct mail campaigns.

It’s Evolving

Direct mail is evolving. With digital innovations such as QR coding and high-quality digital printing using variable data, cross channel CRM is a reality allowing physical and digital worlds to combine.  With the right data, mailings are more targeted and more personal. They generate a better ROI than the scattergun approach of old blanket mailings.

“Phygital” Marketing

Why Direct Mail Works Phygital Marketing IMAGE

There’s no need to abandon your digital marketing efforts – direct mail works brilliantly in combination with digital marketing. Even within the “digital native” Generation Zedders market, a recent study revealed that 88% preferred a blend of physical and digital elements when brand experiences were concerned.

Why Now?

The potential to reach an attractive audience using direct mail is greater than ever.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the required lockdowns, the typical working pattern has been disrupted.  Companies have changed their traditional way of working. There is now less office-based working and more remote working from home or co-working environments.  With improved technology, internet speeds and cloud-based applications, it made the transition a lot easier than many expected. There is no doubt it will continue post-Covid.  

There are more people working from home than ever before. Direct mail is a perfect way of engaging with them. With the rise of digital, direct mail has been a little neglected as a communication channel. But now, there isn’t a sea of junk mail on the doormat. Your mail will be a welcome arrival through people’s letterboxes.  An exciting change from just receiving automated bills and the local kebab shop door drop leaflet!

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Paul Coombes BIO Why Direct Mail Works

Paul Coombes is a Director of Spirit Print. He has worked with some of the biggest advertising, media agencies and blue-chip clients in London. He cut his media teeth working in regional press before moving into the world of print and direct mail 16 years ago.

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Tried and trusted, and more relevant than ever – a perfect way to hit your audience. Here’s why direct mail works.
Paul Coombes
Direct mail offers a route to gain trust, with 87% of consumers describing mail as believable.
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