Travel Trends for 2022

January 6, 2022
January 6, 2022

As we all know, the pandemic forced us to stay in our homes and delay or even cancel the trips we planned. People are now more interested than ever to travel anywhere in the world. To make up for lost time, to meet up with family or to just get outside of the house. Fortunately, as governments begin to find solutions for this problem, and we learn to co-exist with Covid, some options are opening up. Besides the steadily increasing available locations, the way we manage travel has changed. Here are some key travel trends for 2022.

Save Time to Spend Time

One of the things people realized in the past couple of years is that time is precious! So, a major trend is in the research and pre-organisation of trips. People are now saving time by getting everything sorted in advance of travel and then travelling smart once they arrive. Some of the tricks include saving time through thorough planning of transportation and reservations.

When you save time on setting everything up in advance, you will have more time to spend on the location you visit. This also includes renting a car or driving your own with GPS which can be a huge time saver. For this situation, you might need your international drivers license, which are easily found online.

Autumn Breaks

Autumn has shorter days, cooler temperatures and doesn’t have the romance of a winter break. So, it has generally been a less popular time of year to take a trip. However, with people now keen to just get away, autumn trips will become more popular and a notable travel trend in 2022. European city breaks are set to benefit. One of the best locations in the EU is London. The weather can be very unpredictable (at any time of year!) but you’ll never find the same experience anywhere else.

It’s not only recommended for people that are looking at the monuments but also for those who love great nightlife. If you have already been to cities like Prague, Amsterdam, Paris and Rome, you might want to put London on the list.

Making a Vlog

Everybody now owns a phone that is capable of recording great video material. There’s no need to be a professional photographer or a seasoned YouTuber to be able to document your journey. It’s something that takes a small effort to do. But it can make precious memories as you watch it in the years that follow.

A new trend is to make a vlog everywhere you travel so you can show them to your family members or simply watch them yourselves in the future and remember great times. There isn’t a perfect way to do it which is a great thing for people without experience. You can do it in your own way which will make the video more authentic to you.

Multi-stop Travelling

It’s estimated that only a few short years ago almost 70% of people were taking a trip only to one location at a time. But it’s becoming more popular to visit multiple locations in one trip to truly get the best experiences out of vacation time. Obviously, taking multiple flights to visit different destinations will remain problematic. However, people are instead electing to fly to one location then travel to further destinations by train, hired car, boat or bike! This will be a major travel trend in 2022 as we hopefully emerge into the post-Covid world.

Even if you are visiting places like Rome (which can take a month to explore to see everything), there are many other destinations nearby that are waiting to be discovered. With the hunger to make the most of our freedoms post-Covid, travellers don’t want to spend all their time in a single city. This is one of the reasons multi-stop traveling is becoming so popular. With contactless technology making travel smoother and easier, it can actually be a cheaper way to explore than staying in one location.

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As we learn to co-exist with Covid, the way we manage travel has changed. Here are some key travel trends for 2022.
Jena Selter
Pre-Covid, around 70% of people took their trip only to one location at a time.