How to create an inspiring home office

April 21, 2022
March 9, 2023

Working from home can be incredibly rewarding and give you more flexibility in your schedule. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote and hybrid working has also helped to keep businesses open and their employees safe. Given the increase in home working opportunities, it’s time to turn your attention to creating an inspiring home office space that gives you enough privacy, is functional, and also has a few home comforts. Below are six ways how you can create an inspiring home office and boost your productivity.

Pick the right colour palette

Colour influences our emotional state and can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Different colours can also activate different parts of the brain. As you’ll want to remain calm and focused in your office, try a natural colour. Colour psychologists recommend green for improving your concentration and blue to enhance productivity. When picking the colour for your walls, remember that subtlety is key. You want to be able to accessorise in complementary colours and add your own personality, so this is your blank canvas to build on. Lighter shades will also help to make the most of natural lighting.

Light up the space

Speaking of natural lighting, having a well-lit space is vital when you want to create an inspiring home office. On a basic level, it stops you from straining your eyes while reading and writing. But a bright room flooded with natural light is better for your mood and motivation, as well as your energy bill. If you are sitting indoors for most of the day, light from windows will help you feel fresh and connected to the outside world.

Bring the outside in

House plants are a must for your workspace. Vibrant greens and colourful petals are a natural way to inject some colour into the room. Surrounding yourself with flowers and succulents connects you to nature, but also makes you feel a little less lonely. There has also been a study showing that plants put into a workplace boost productivity.

How To Create an inspiring home office

Give yourself space

Sometimes we get so worried about having everything we need to hand that we fill a room with clutter and it becomes difficult to navigate. You want to have the space to move in your desk chair and to walk around the room without bashing into obstacles and injuring yourself. Physical space gives you room to think and change your perspective if you need to.

Invest in storage

A tidy desk is a tidy mind, so you want to avoid overloading your desk surface. Investing in organised storage will mean you can access what you need with ease while keeping it hidden when not in use. Desk clutter has been shown to distract the mind and encourage procrastination. So if you want to stay productive, it’s best to be as minimal as possible when it comes to your desktop.

How to create an inspiring home office

Build an inspiration wall

Your home office should be inspiring. An inspiration wall will help when you have an hour left on the clock and need to find that last bit of motivation to push through the day. It should also represent you, so never forget to show your personality. Fill a part of the wall or a memo board with quotes, images, artwork, and pictures that speak to you. As an added bonus, this visual stimulation helps you to think creatively.

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Finding the motivation when working from home can be difficult but creating an inspiring home office can fix that, here are 6 ways to do so.
Paul Preston
Colour psychologists recommend green for improving your concentration and blue to enhance productivity.
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