6 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

September 26, 2020
September 26, 2020

Here are 6 simple social media tips to start with.

SMART goals

Clear goals will help you to define your social media strategy and help you to be realistic in terms of what you can achieve with the time and resource available. It will not only propel your social media strategy forward, but by setting SMART goals you will also be able to define your metrics when it comes to measuring your progress.

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Timely

Social Media Tips – Platform

The more the better right? Wrong! Don’t launch across all social platforms because you think it is the right thing to do and then end up running around like a headless chicken trying to manage them all. Choose the platforms that will benefit your business and think about where your target audience is. Take some time to research what platform your target audience uses the most and make your decision based on that.

Social Media Tips – Quality over quantity

It is better to only put out 2 or 3 posts a week and for them the be well composed and researched posts rather than focusing on frequency and your posts end up rushed or not relevant to your audience and therefore unlikely to catch attention and engage potential customers. Also try to vary the content dependent on what platform you are posting on, rather than using the same content across all platforms. It may be that on one platform the audience is interested in lighter, more fun content and then on another they prefer deeper, more data driven content. You can use the insight tools available on your page to monitor which posts receive more engagement and action.

Community Management

Build relationships with your audience by responding quickly to all enquiries and being as helpful as you can. This will drive trust in your business and can result in more engagement and more follows. It can also encourage people to recommend your page to their friends. Ensure your notifications are switched on for all page activity so you can respond swiftly.

Social Media Tips – Scheduling

If you have the budget to invest in a social media and management platform then it would be a worthwhile investment as it will help you to manage your pages more efficiently and allow you to plan and schedule your posts across all platforms in advance. If there is no budget available, then you can try free plans with platforms like Hootsuite. They can be limiting though, for example with the Hootsuite free plan you get 3 channels with a maximum of 30 posts per month on your dashboard. However, it could be a good place to start to help you get a feel for your platforms, analyse your post content and define your approach.  

Test and track the times you schedule your posts too so you can monitor what day and time works better in terms of driving better engagement and action with your audience.


Do some market research and see what your competitors are doing on social media. See what is working and not working for them and think of ways you can carve out a usp for your own business, so your social media offering is different and of value.

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