The Startling Power of Healthy Food Advertising

February 20, 2023
February 20, 2023

Conventional online marketing techniques aren’t always advantageous for health food companies. Big and small health-food businesses often struggle with creating new advertising methods. However, the boom in recent successful food campaigns utilizes personal stories, blogs, and education to raise direct consumer awareness.

Healthy food advertising is a large umbrella for multiple businesses. On average, restaurants in the United States spend approximately $14 billion yearly on advertising alone. While food marketing is traditionally known for its counterproductive effects on children, health food advertising has made considerable gains in promoting nutritious meals.

As of 2022, the market for health and wellness is increasing in North America, Europe, and South America. This is partly due to the rise in healthy eating habits; with more knowledge and healthy food promotion, the popularity can continue to grow.

Since the marketing efforts are based on consumers’ desire to eat healthily and eating healthy is an outcome of the health food marketing research, the practice is cyclical.

Health food vendors face growing competition as new marketing strategies are implemented. In addition to healthy food ads in magazines, marketing today includes social media influencers, new research, and joint fitness advertising. In conjunction with traditional digital marketing, these strategies have proven successful.

Positive Effects of Food Advertising on Adults

Positive advertising is designed to promote healthy behavior. This is especially true with healthy food alternatives. With a spike in dieting culture and dieting search terms, healthy food marketing is relevant when promoting change. 


Gluten Free Food Advertising Image

Since the awareness of gluten sensitivities, many adults are paying more attention to their grocery shopping habits. Gluten-free alternatives are often showcased in specific brands in addition to ingredients. Since many food allergies negatively impact the way consumers feel, these dietary improvements may help ease depression or lethargy in addition to avoiding allergic reactions.

According to the Food Allergy Awareness organization, food allergies are rising on a global scale. Adults who were born without food allergies have the potential to develop them later in life. By promoting the right research in advertising more adults understand the signs and symptoms of health concerns.


Health food advertising paired with the fitness industry is known to be effective in promoting healthy behavior. Whether there are free food giveaways at fitness centers or nutrition classes offered through a dietician or program, diet and exercise are complementary.

Health food advertising has the potential to not only inspire adults to exercise, but it can boost the amount of energy they have to spend. Making healthy choices at mealtime is a way to regulate strength and concentration throughout the day. This benefits both adults and children.

Examples of Healthy Food Advertising

Small businesses that promote healthy eating can implement the same strategies as large companies. Although it may seem easier to sell fatty desserts or burgers from fast food joints, healthy eating can attract a healthy audience size.

Whole Foods Advertising

Whole Foods Food Advertising

Whole Foods is a highly recognizable brand known for its healthy meals, ingredients, and pre-made selection. Although it can be more expensive than other chain supermarkets, the image it provides is more than just health. The clientele will often purchase branded Whole Foods tote bags that market themselves. Simply being associated with “healthy” can be a fashionable promotion for the business as well as the consumer.

Halo Top

Halo Top is advertised as healthy ice cream for adults. This was done through a series of healthy ads that used dark humor to describe the difficulties of parenting. The advertisements could be seen on cable television as well as through online videos. Since the business was popular in Los Angeles they were also able to hire celebrities like Nick Viall from The Bachelor to promote their brand.

Intermarche Campaign

In French grocery stores, there is a campaign known as the “disfigured food campaign”. Because healthy, but disfigured, the fruit was not sold in grocery stores, small supermarkets rescued them from being thrown away. They dramatically decreased the cost so that adults were incentivized to purchase oddly-shaped vegetables and fruit. By anthropomorphizing their food, the Intermarche brand supermarket was able to connect to consumers in a new way.

How To Create Effective Healthy Food Ads

There are several methods used today for effective food marketing. Food launches that involve a press release or video contest can be used before selling the product to increase awareness. During this time there are a few strategies to keep consumers interested.

A Brand’s Story

Brands that have unique stories include how and why they created their business. By relating to the people behind the product, consumers can connect on a different level than just through research or commercials. This type of food advertising is well-known in the spaghetti sauce business.

A Lifestyle Mention

A brand that is mentioned through other industries is more trustworthy. This can be done by partnering with a fitness industry or social influencer. Social influencers are typically less expensive than celebrity endorsements and they can make advertising feel more natural. This is especially true if a healthy foods business is mentioned only once or twice instead of being the main focus.


Research does not need to be dry. Creating a cooking or weight blog is one way to educate the public about new types of food. This does not have to be related to the brand and can help adults and children discover new healthy habits. Health science research has the power to influence lifestyle on a long-term basis for positive results in cognitive and physical health.

The Power of Healthy Food Advertising

The perception of healthy foods has changed. Not only are adults and children increasingly aware of the nutritional benefit, but consumers are also interested in how it affects their mental health. By using various methods to relate to new and existing consumers, healthy marketing is also a healthy choice.

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Adults are paying more attention to their grocery shopping habits. Here's how the rise of health food advertising is changing what we eat.
Farlyn Lucas
On average, restaurants in the United States spend approximately $14 billion yearly on advertising alone.