7 Top Tips On How To PR Your Small Business

March 28, 2022
March 9, 2023

To succeed, businesses need to attract people’s attention, engage them, and gain their trust. Do this successfully, and the audience you create become customers. These days, public relations (PR), a strategic communications process designed to shape public perceptions of companies and build positive relationships is a vital part of business communication. But many small business owners think that it’s just a tool for big corporations with big budgets.  However, PR should be part of every business’ marketing strategy. And with the right planning, small organisations can engage with their audience without breaking the bank. Here are seven top tips on how to PR your small business. 

Create a Strong Brand Image

If you don’t have a strong brand image, then you need to start creating one. Communicating your brand image and values are critical in building trust and standing out from your competitor set. Think about your company and ask yourself – why did you start your business? What do you want your audience to think about you and your company? Have a look at your competitors – what do you do that’s different from them? Using the answers to these questions you will be able to begin to create a brand image, tone of voice and vision that will appeal the most to your customers, and thus improve the public image of your brand. Every business has a story to tell, and you need to tell yours. And you need to keep telling it – consistent communication is a must. 

Get To Know Journalists

PR is all about relationships, and one of the best ways of generating great PR is to get regular media coverage. So, get to know journalists. National, local or ones who write in the industry publications relevant to your business, if you can build a relationship with them, you’ve got a strong chance of being featured positively. If your business gets a good write up in a good publication, you get to access some of the trust they have with their readership. If you get a media request, never miss the opportunity to speak to them, and make sure you speak to journalists on a regular basis with updates or industry gossip! 

Social Media PR

In the digital era, social media is one of the most important forms of PR. If you use it correctly it can become a central plank of your marketing and PR strategy. Love it or loathe it, with the UK having over 53 million active social media users, you can’t ignore it.  

Whether you are connecting with new customers or loyal customers, social media is an immediate way to reach them and answer any queries they may have. But, to create good PR with social media, you need to create relevant content and use the right social media platforms to ensure good public relations with your target market. Being active in social media and answering questions creates more of a sense of community, increasing trust and a sense of brand loyalty. 

Build Up Your Networking Base

If you are wondering how to PR your small business, you should know that having good networking is one of the best ways to improve your public relations. By networking with lots of different companies and influential individuals, you can vastly improve your brand reputation. If you’re not a member of a local business network, then you need to become one as soon as possible. There are thousands of networks across the UK – just jump online and you’ll find a great one near you. You’ll be able to talk about your business and values, share ideas while growing your profile. 

Become an Expert in the Industry

Building on the last point, one of the best ways to improve your PR and stand out is to build your reputation as an expert in the industry. As a result of this, customers are likely to view you as someone they can trust, improving brand recognition and loyalty over time. But how do you do this? You can do this by writing in reputable industry magazines, guest posting on other websites and writing in your blog with credible source-backed information.

Another great tip would be to attend industry trade shows. Not only will you improve your PR and brand image, but you may also gain some great knowledge from other experts in the industry to help your business grow.

Supporting the Local Community

In the times we live in, it can often seem like positive stories are few and far between. A great PR strategy is to make a good story! One of the most feel-good ways to improve your PR is through supporting the local community. Try supporting local charities and nonprofits, whether that is done through sponsoring local events or taking part in a fundraiser. By doing this you can improve your PR in the news and locally, helping both your business and the local community. 

Keep It Real!

Remember PR is ultimately all about shaping views and positive perceptions. But authenticity is absolutely critical. If your PR messaging comes across as insincere or even fake, you’ll damage your brand and undermine all your good work. Be honest in your efforts and you’ll create the most powerful and enduring messages.

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Social Media is one of the most important forms of PR, with the UK having over 53 million active users.
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