Best Email Marketing Campaigns to Learn From

March 20, 2024
April 3, 2024

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective weapons in modern business. It not only helps businesses to connect with their target audience but also enables them to promote their products or services and drive conversions. 

Through the right strategies, businesses can craft engaging email campaigns that touch the exact chord of the targeted audience. 

Emails are by far the most effective means of professional communication. Therefore, you ought to have a marketing campaign strategy to ensure that your email is opened and read by your target audiences. However, in today’s era, good email campaigns are not easy to find. According to recent data by Venngage, on average, an individual receives 121 emails every day, reducing the impact of your advertisement.

Focusing on carefully strategising and creating email campaigns that engage and engage with your customers will be of no use if emails are not read or opened. 

To avoid such situations, we have curated a list of 10 email marketing campaigns that you can take inspiration from.

What is an email marketing campaign?

An email marketing campaign is a well-planned approach to sending an organized list of emails to the targeted audience. Before triggering any email, the same is designed, programmed, and then checked for effectiveness so that it returns to the desired goal.

The central idea of this email is to raise brand awareness, redirect a larger audience to the website, enhance the quantity and quality of leads, and generate more sales. Hence, it can be said that, when it comes to building a strong business, well-designed and personalised email plays a very powerful role. It creates a strong and everlasting bond between the brand and the customer. You can also use advanced CRM to customise communications with each prospect for better email marketing results.

To make your efforts more effective, let’s discuss the 10 best email marketing practices.

10 Best Email Marketing Campaign Strategies You Must Know

1. Airbnb

Airbnb email marketing

Email type: personal

The first email marketing campaign is about Airbnb.  It is a worldwide online platform that brings travellers and homeowners together. It builds a bridge between the hosts of the accommodation and the guests, leaving them with a sense of uniqueness. Airbnb has a variety of accommodations, from home-stays to luxury villas.

Why does their email campaign work? 

Airbnb is proud of its email marketing. Here, it tries to provide tailored suggestions as per the preferences of customers and the seasons. For this, Airbnb performs user analysis, developing a list that matches users’ demands and, in turn, increasing the booking possibilities. 

2. Adidas

Adidas email marketing

Email type: Product Launch

Adidas, a renowned global sportswear brand, specialises in athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories, catering to athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Adidas is today the second-largest manufacturer of sportswear in the world, leaving behind all its competitors.  

Why does their email campaign work? 

Adidas email marketing stands out as they have a clean design approach that helps users scan important information on the go. Their emails are simple yet have a narrative and striking visuals. They always come up with innovative ways to create better newsletters for their loyal customers. 

3. Netflix

Netflix email marketing

Email type: Subscription 

Third on our list of email campaign examples is Netflix. It is the most popular streaming service on the market, delivering a tremendous library of movies, TV shows, and originals to subscribers worldwide. Their newsletters have new releases and provide a CTA that prompts you to watch the trailer for the movie. 

Why does their email campaign work? 

It always uses its black-and-red design so that the viewers feel like they’re scrolling through Netflix. It demonstrates the importance of keeping branding consistent across all your messaging channels. This approach develops a stronger bond with the brand, resulting in higher loyalty.  

4. PayPal

PayPal email marketing

Email type: educational

PayPal is a widely known e-commerce payment system that allows people and companies to make instant and secure transactions globally. They make it convenient for global users to have an uninterrupted payment experience. 

Why does their email campaign work?

Their email marketing campaigns are known for informative, simple, and minimalist emails. They share step-by-step guides and tutorials about their payment gateway to make the user feel secure about their financial state.

5. Starbucks

Starbucks email marketing

Email type: Premium promotional

Starbucks is a world-famous coffee brand where people come not only for their premium coffee and espresso drinks but also for the cozy environment. Today, the Starbucks brand stands for its top-notch coffee and has built an excellent reward program for its customers.

Why does their email campaign work?

Starbucks emails are visually pleasing, with pictures that emphasize a clear CTA. Starbucks deliberately integrates its loyalty program into its email campaigns by offering customers attractive deals and benefits. This integration of personalisation stands out and boosts customer engagement, loyalty, and eventually sales and retention.

6. Headspace

Headspace email marketing

Email type: Welcoming newsletters

Headspace is a widely-used app that has meditation and mindfulness exercises to help people enhance their mental health and reduce anxiety. 

Why does their email campaign work?

Their goal is to make the ideal first impression for new users about how Headspace’s meditations and other tips can help them lead a calmer and happier life. Their personalized offerings promote a feeling of connection, which in turn contributes to customer retention. They use fun, relaxing, and soothing colourful illustrations that help in better engagement. 

7. Mint

Mint email marketing

Email type: free trial

Mint is a personal finance administrator application known for helping people manage their finances. It assists in handling money, tracking spending, and achieving goals without much struggle. Mint has easy-to-use interactive and automated tools for budgeting and financial planning for both beginners and experts.

Why does their email campaign work?

Thеir free trial email marketing campaigns are based on personal financial information and advice for new subscribers. They share a user-friendly approach that leads to high customer satisfaction and loyalty. Mint focuses on new customers and also builds long-term relationships for better customer retention.

8. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed email marketing

Email type: Product update

Buzzfeed is an excellent, light-hearted, and informative content-providing digital media brand. It has mastered the art of emailing, as reflected by the wide range of domains they have catered to, from global news to quizzes and science. 

Why does their email campaign work?

They share emails that carry different content to fit the varied categories depending on the subscriber’s interests. They accomplish this goal through the use of catchy subject linеs and visually appеaling layouts that attract attention and direct traffic. 

9. Dropbox

Dropbox email marketing

Email type: Tutorial

Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage-sharing platform that ensures users can securely store, share, and access their files from anywhere. This user-centric method allows the application to become more productive and tailored, making it appealing to users looking for easy-to-use file management solutions. 

Why does their email campaign work?

Dropbox shares engaging and useful email campaigns with its audience, encouraging customer engagement. They deliver relevant and timely emails to users based on their file-sharing or collaboration activities. Regularly, they share tutorial emails about innovations and new functionalities and inform them of the latest updates.

10. Uber

Uber email marketing

Email type: Super discount offers

Uber is a leading global transportation company that allows users to book their rides through a mobile app. This outstanding feature of Uber makes it easy to use, reliable, and available to book trips on your smartphone. 

Why does their email campaign work?

Uber creates promotional emails to attract customers. By using users’ ride history, location, and preferences, they create target emails to increase engagement and generate traffic. They make their emails mobile-friendly because they know that their customers are mostly on their phones. 


Now that you know how to generate an extensively valuable email campaign, remember to create pleasing and catchy emails so that people can’t ignore them and enjoy reading them from start to finish. Focus on targeted recommendations and informative content, and show the power of an audience-centric email marketing campaign. Keep these examples handy and use the tactics to create better email marketing campaigns as a marketer in 2024.

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Avoid ineffective email marketing approaches with our curated list of 10 inspiring examples to guide your strategy towards success.
Harikrishna Kundariya
When it comes to building a strong business, well-designed and personalised email plays a very powerful role.