7 Things To Do With Your Kids This Easter

March 29, 2021
March 26, 2024

If you want to stay sane and avoid plonking your family in front of a TV or tablet for hours on end, then here is a list of 7 things to do with your kids this Easter.

Treasure Hunt

Whenever little ones are stuck in the house, a treasure hunt is great way to keep them occupied and is one of the most fun things to do with your kids this Easter. It also sneakily teaches them about completing tasks and problem-solving. If you have more than one child playing, they’ll learn about working as a team.  The principle is simple, you write a clue on a piece of paper that leads to them another spot where a new clue can be found. Repeat the process until the final destination is reached, where a treasure (a sweet, a treat or even a toy) is waiting. The clues should always be in the form of rhymes. To give it an Easter twist, simply make the treasure hunt an Easter Egg hunt, an institution in its own right! You can also purchase a pre-made Easter treasure hunt which you can personalise here.

Make A Den

In the era of iPads, YouTube and TV streaming, making a den in your home is in danger of becoming a lost art. A rite of passage for kids in days gone by, if you build one with them now, it is a guaranteed way of putting a smile on their face. Hopefully they’ll stay in it for ages too, so you can get on with working from home, or perhaps even have a bit of time to yourself (remember what that was like?). All you need is a little space, two chairs, a big blanket or sheet and away you go!

Make Your Own Easter Egg

Kids usually get a ton of Easter Eggs and although they all get scoffed, the fun is pretty limited and fleeting! Why not bring some Easter magic to the occasion by making your own chocolate eggs with the children? You’ll find many recipes online, but most require special moulds. While they are not expensive, they might be hard to source at this late stage (although Amazon and eBay may still come up trumps if you get your skates on). Even without a mould, all is not lost – check out this brilliant recipe. Cheap as chips and great fun for the family. Even though younger children might not be able to help with making the eggs, they can still decorate them.

Egg Decoration

Messy as hell but lots of fun, decorating eggs is an age-old Easter family activity. You can keep these decorations for years too! All you need to start is a pack of eggs, a drawing pin and a bowl. First, pierce the shell at both ends of the egg with the pin. Then, holding it with both hands, gently place your mouth over the pointy end and blow the contents into a bowl. When the egg is empty rinse it under warm (not hot) water. Then, get out the paints, coloured paper, glue and let the chaos commence. If you don’t fancy risking yolk armageddon; kids can decorate shop-bought chocolate eggs. Really easy even for little ones and if you’re stuck for ideas, check out this tutorial from Hobbycraft.

Easter Crafting

Decorating eggs is just one Easter-themed craft, there are many other crafty things you can do with your kids this Easter, with only a handful of materials required. Check out your household rubbish too, no doubt your kids will be able to put the card and paper destined for your recycling bin to creative use. From bunny ears and Easter bonnets to egg baskets and mobiles, you can keep them occupied with crafting projects from dawn until dusk. The little ones will love this collection of easy to make Easter animals by Susan K Mann. From simple stuff to more demanding projects, there are a wealth of crafts out there to enjoy.

Get Out In The Garden

If the sun is shining why not get out in your garden? You can have a treasure hunt or build a den there too. If you’ve got the space you can play some games and make them Easter themed, think egg and spoon races or bunny hop sack races. Planting seeds to grow plants, herbs, fruit and vegetables is a perfect activity for this time of year too. You don’t need a big garden or vegetable patch either. Pots on a sunny windowsill will work just fine. Planting seeds in soil is fun but you can also get the kids to look after the plants as they grow in the coming weeks too. Choose fast-growing plants for maximum effect and to keep their interest. You can find a seed section in most larger supermarkets.

Jelly-Bean Lollipops

Little ones will be amazed that they can grow more than just plants in a little dirt. Simply give them a few jelly beans and plant them in a small pot before they go to bed. While they sleep, put a lollipop in the pot and when they wake up they’ll have a magical surprise! To prevent them wanting the trick to be performed every night, make sure you tell them the magic only works at Easter!

I hope this list of things to do with your kids this Easter comes in handy. Have a lovely break everyone!

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Messy as hell but enormously fun, decorating eggs is an age-old Easter family activity.
April 11, 2022
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