The Seven Deadly Sins of LinkedIn: Your LinkedIn Growth Strategy

February 8, 2024
February 19, 2024

Welcome to the seven deadly sins of LinkedIn! We all know LinkedIn is the ultimate professional network, but it’s also a place where people can make fatal errors. Avoid these common mistakes to perfect your LinkedIn growth strategy. Let’s begin!

1) Post and Ghost

Posting content is a great way to increase your visibility, but if you want to make sure your content has the best chance of being seen, hang around on LinkedIn shortly before and after you post. Like, engage and comment on others to boost your reach (and it’s fun too!)

2) The Mystery Photo

If you’re using LinkedIn, make sure you have a photo that’s visible to the public. A blank or hidden profile picture makes it much harder for people to connect with you and your content. Check your settings to make sure we can see your lovely face!

3) Cut and Pasted CV

Image of hands, laptop and cup of tea on a desk.

Don’t just upload your CV and call it a day. Make sure your profile is tailored to your viewer. Make it easy for people to contact you, perhaps share some case studies and ask a colleague or friend to see what they glean from a quick look at your profile.

4) Keeping Quiet

LinkedIn is a social network, so don’t be a wallflower if you want to grow your personal or company page. Engage with people, comment on their posts, and build relationships, this is the perfect way to kick off your LinkedIn growth strategy with a strong start.

5) Inconsistency

If you want to maximize your impact, you need to post content at a regular time. Otherwise, you risk getting lost in the noise and leaving your readers wondering where you went!

6) Vanity Metrics

Don’t get hung up on the wrong numbers, it’s not all about the ‘likes’. If you’re getting incoming leads, then you’re doing something right. Don’t worry about going viral; focus on building connections.

7) Only Using LinkedIn for Recruitment

LinkedIn is so much more than a job board. It’s a place to showcase your skills, build your network, and learn from others. You can meet your next client, business partner or secure coverage in your industry media. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, those are the seven deadly sins of LinkedIn. Avoid these pitfalls, and you’re well on your way to success on the world’s largest professional network – business heaven!

About the Author

Written by Tori Lancaster, Marketing Director at Muve Media & Marketing

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Tori Lancaster
LinkedIn is a social network, so don't be a wallflower if you want to grow your personal or company page.
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